Pension Consolidation

As we grow older, our lives often shift. Our goals change to adapt to our ever developing wants and needs, and to accommodate those we love and are close to, and as we make steps towards our goals, we sometimes find that we needto make changes to our job in order to succeed.

In fact, it is most often according to recent statistics which report that on average a person is likely to have 12 jobs in their lifetime.

This often results in many individuals having a number of previous workplace pensions. Likewise, sometimes individuals might find that they have made steps towards their retirement by setting up a plan that met their goals at that particular stage in their life but for some reason they found that as their life has shifted, that pension does not reflect their long-term goals anymore.

Whatever, the reason… if you have one…two…five…ten pensions, and would like to organize them into a retirement plan to suit you, we can help. We can review and explain the key features of your individual plan/s and help you to understand it. Some plans are best left the way they are, some might just need a few minor adjustments to suit and some may be better if with a complete transfer to an alternative, more suitable plan. Either way, whatever is required, we can support your retirement planning by supporting any changes to your existing pensions to create a pension portfolio that reflects you.

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