An account that you can contribute to that grows free of any taxes.

An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is an account that you can contribute to that grows free of any taxes. This means that any funds within the account will not be subject to any tax deductions, whether that be when taking an income or capital growth.

The ISAs we advise on are mainly invested within the stock market to help you try and gain a better return on your investment than those available from cash deposits and cash ISA’s.

We can also give advice on any current ISA holdings, whether that be cash or stocks and shares to ensure that these investments are meeting your investment goals. Existing ISA holdings can be transferred to and from different providers, as well as from cash to stocks, without using your current ISA allowance. The ISA allowance for each tax year is £20,000.

ISA’s are an excellent saving tool which help investors benefit from non-taxable savings and are a great way to build for the future, whether that be helping children go to university or even as income in retirement. Here at Merlyn, we can advise you on investing within an ISA that will be solely designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

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